Warmish pavement Material

Ibrahim lancoln cube 2
Ibrahim lancoln warmishpavement mat 06

Slabs only

Ibrahim lancoln cube 4
Ibrahim lancoln cube 3
Ibrahim lancoln warmishpavement mat 05

Sand only

Ibrahim lancoln cube sand
Ibrahim lancoln maps pbr

Slabs: Albedo | Normal | Roughness | AO
Sans: Albedo | Normal | Roughness

Ibrahim lancoln sculpt

Zbrush sculpt

Ibrahim lancoln sculpt breakdown

Sculpt: Major steps breakdown

Gumroad: Ibrahim Lancoln | https://gumroad.com/ibrahim_lancoln
Cubebrush: Ibrahim Lancoln | https://cubebrush.co/ibrahim-lancoln

The main challenge was to create a PBR material using a layering workflow thanks to Substance Painter.

I've learned a lot from Fanny Vergne's workflow. Since I am working with a stylized artistic direction I re-used and adapted her process to my job workflow (diffuse only) and for this personal project I wanted to adapt it to the PBR workflow.

Check the breakdown of my material: