Gameloft Montreal - DH5 - Main menus

Ibrahim lancoln pb 3k 1

3 Kingdoms event - Day version

Ibrahim lancoln pb 3k 2

3 Kingdoms event - Night version

Ibrahim lancoln pb colliseum

Coliseum - Introducing PvP feature

Ibrahim lancoln pb chinese

Chinese new year event

Ibrahim lancoln pb xmas

Xmas event

Company: Gameloft Montreal
Project: Dungeon Hunter 5 - Menus
Plateform: Mobile game

. Creating the environments of the main menu according to the theme of the update (every 6 weeks)

Software: 3ds Max | Photoshop

Game engine: Inhouse Gameloft’s engine

. Blockout
. Environment dress-up (using existing assets and adapting them to the level)
. Baked lighting (3ds Max + Photoshop)
. Modeling optimization
. Playtests & bug fixing

Time spent: 5 working days / Level

FX Artist: Matthias Baillet