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Licenses use

Relative to every license:

You don't have to credit Nomad Photo Reference, however I always like to be credited like any other artists.

Personal license:

  • 1 User / NON-Commercial
  • Use it if you are a hobbyist or just want to practice art.
  • You can showcase your artworks anywhere you like as long as you don't make profit out of them.

Freelance License:

  • 1 User / Commercial
  • This is the license you need if you are making money in solo as a freelancer or an auto-entrepreneur.

Company License:

  • 1 Company / Commercial
  • This license if for studios and companies.
  • It does apply the moment you are not a lone artist anymore.

Do I need a commercial license if it's a background in an animation ? 

If you are a freelancer you can take the Freelance license for commercial use, the company license is for studios.