About me

I am a Freelance Game Environment Artist looking to work remotely with you.

My specialties are Environment design and Props Modeling & Texturing.

I am mostly looking for long term collaboration.

So far I worked in the mobile game industry so you can trust my expertise in the matter.

And I am willing to work also in the AAA PC/Console industry.

I only work remotely these days because I chose a digital nomad lifestyle so NO RELOCATION at least until the end of my round the world trip.

My added values are:

  • A job well done in time
  • Efficient communication
  • I adapt easily to any kind of project
  • Active member of your project

I like to advise my clients and to help them manage their budget according to my fees so they can have the best service from me.

I help you to prioritize and to know exactly what you want and don't want.

We create together a workflow so we can work smoothly in the long run.

I invite you to check my recommendations on LinkedIn.

Contact me if you feel that my profile suits your production, I'd be glad to talk about it with you and help you achieve your project at its best.

Download my Resume